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Meet the Team

Kate's Headshot 2 - Polaroid 2023.png


Founder / Lead Publicist


The road to founding a public relations agency began more than a decade ago at a top journalism university outside of her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. 


After interrupting class (a few times) to persuade her peers to end dolphin hunting abroad, a trusted professor pulled Kate aside to share that while journalism was a respectable career, she’d make a pretty damn good publicist, too.


Kate spent several years developing her PR skill set at global agencies before shifting gears to start her own agency. In 2016, kkpr was born to deliver the simplicity that clients crave when seeking PR professionals: they want solid media coverage, an amplified brand voice, and market share in their niche. 


At kkpr, Kate merges senior-level sophistication with entrepreneurial personalization, and is oftentimes viewed as an extension of her clients’ teams; a unique position she has earned having also grown a business with her own two hands.


When Kate isn’t at local coffee shops strategizing PR plans and pitching media, you can find her lounging at one of San Diego’s beaches or enjoying a glass of red wine with her soulmate, four-legged son, Bowie.

Vision & Values

Calling on all
thrill seekers.

The best work isn’t done in a cubicle. We encourage an adventurous work-life balance, breaking away from the norm to capture the most of your creativity. 

Expect to partner with your publicist to make cool shit happen for you.

Unite people toward a common goal.

Make it fun.

Explore the city, shake things up, meet for a coffee, stay for the wine. 

Accomplish your goals by breaking out of the conventional approach. Innovate future dreams.

Identify opportunities, put energy into progress.

Lead with compassion.

We care about humans, dreams and dogs (duh).

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